Saturday, 18 April 2009


I didn’t have the answers to these questions just yet, but I was very pleasantly surprised soon after to receive a phone call from Wyn – and even more surprisingly, given her earlier responses, she was so nice to me! In fact, I could hardly believe that I was talking to the same person that Maria had described to me. She was totally rational and we were able to have a really friendly, and lengthy, chat. Wyn had never mentioned her children or grandchildren by name in her letters, but on the phone she constantly referred to her youngest daughter, Rebecca, and her eldest granddaughter. In fact, Rebecca appeared at her door whilst we were talking, so Wyn ended up ringing me back the following day. I was overjoyed that she had been so willing to talk to me and that our conversation had flowed so easily, with no awkward silences. Perhaps she liked me after all? I hadn’t mentioned her other children again, but she broached the subject. She said that she had come to the decision to tell them about my existence, but it would have to be on her terms, when the right opportunity arose. I assured her that I totally understood – I was in no hurry whatsoever and was delighted that she was going to tell them, never mind when. I really wanted to put her at her ease and didn’t want her to feel under any pressure from me at all. Wyn also told me about her mother, who was still alive, and who lived nearby. Despite being in her late 80s, she was apparently still fairly active and very independent; Wyn told me that her mother had just agreed to let Wyn and her husband help with her housework. Our conversation ended with Wyn telling me not to be afraid to ask her any questions I might have. I did have a few questions, they were bound to be rather personal as the whole situation was very personal – but all I wanted to know were a few details to fill in the remaining gaps in my background, my ancestry.

We were now well into the spring and our letters continued. Because of the tenuous nature of our relationship, and Wyn’s tendency to blow hot and cold, I felt that I must word my letters very carefully so as not to risk causing any offence or upset. Admittedly, I felt that I was treading on eggshells, but at least that little bit of contact was there. I remembered her kind offer to answer any of my questions, so I asked a few things like whether Sally and I actually shared a birth father (this would make us full siblings instead of half-sisters).

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